Treading water
Tuesday September 18th 2007, 1:35 am
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Not much time for poker today, just played three PLO8 SnGs…two at the lower level and one at my usual level, yes, I was still a little freaked out about the horror session, that’s why I started a level lower. I won the first two and felt really comfortable, so I moved up. I lost that match. Pretty sick too…it was up and down up and down until he quartered me twice, once when a case card hit and once where I thought I had the lock on the low…but guess what…just because you hold 334x on a A27XX board doesn’t mean that headsup these days…sure enough he has A734…so sick…but oh well…finished the session exactly even…better than a big phat L.

In other news, I took the time today to watch a little WCOOP Event #5 final table action as three german players where on it. In the end it came down to a guy from denmark and fellow german Sebastian “luckbox” Ruthenberg (who finished third in the EPT Dortmund last year)…the whole headsup match was really sick. Luckbox had him all-in on four to five different occasions (twice with the best of it)…and the guy just wouldn’t bust…in the end the table was turned and all too fittingly it all came down to a flip…33 vs KhQh…flop 3xx with two hearts…after all it’s never easy…no heart though and luckbox takes second place after playing OVER 20h…that’s pretty sick right there…

I’m out…

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