Bodog blogger donkament tonight
Tuesday September 25th 2007, 9:05 pm
Filed under: Bodog,MTT,No-Limit Hold'em,Tournaments

The Bodonkey Bloggermant is tonight. If you enjoy free money (as in overlay), courtesy of bodog, please play tonight so that we can keep this one on the regular blogger donkament circle. I took it down last week and I’m itching to defend my title, I don’t know if can make it tonight though…if I do, I’m hoping to see you at the tables! …see banner below for all the infos…(props to Mook for it)…

Bodog Blogger Tournament


thx for the pimpage. too bad you couldn’t make it. hopefully, we’ll see ya next time.

Comment by smokkee 09.27.07 @ 3:04 am


You’re very welcome. I’m always down to pimp something which is good for us fine folks who call themselves ghey- errm poker-bloggers…and what could be better than a regular donkfest with added value?! I just hope that we can keep it going or even extend it to a league-format or something…and once I’ve got a little more time again, I’ll be all over this one again…at least I’ll try 😉

Comment by Ingoal 09.27.07 @ 2:42 pm