Still in nirvana
Tuesday September 25th 2007, 1:10 am
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I don’t know if my view is so blurred or if it’s really just a weird spell of cards I’m encountering, but it sure still feels weird to play as it’s just like the next cooler and/or bs is just the next deal away. Managed to run KK into the monster JJ…sure enough the two outer hits. Returned the favour by cracking aces with queens. The difference. He min-raise preflop OOP and played the trapping game after the flop came Q high, good for me as I bet him into oblivion until he finally pushed into the nuts on the river.

Apart from that some other really weird hands and lots of coolers (most of whom I just saw, and I’ll spare you the screenshots as they’re the usual 4:1 preflop = 0% once the board is up). Take this one hand three-handed. I’m in the BB…button raise to 3x. SB calls…I call with K8. Flop comes down QJT. Not the worst flop three-handed. SB checks, I check. Button fires a big bet. SB raises all-in. What to do…fold. Button calls. Both show JT for bottom two pair. Turn 9. I curse and before I even get into “bs mode” the case Jack hits the river giving them both a boat. Nice hands. Good that I folded. *lol*. So sick. A few hands later the next cooler style. I’m in the BB again and look down at A4. Button pushes. SB calls. What to do what to do. I fold. Button shows AQ. SB shows AK. Board xx4x4. So sick. Still took down the headsup match, but still…makes you wonder…

All in all I managed to pull one W out of four six-handed SnGs and one W out of one NL HU match. So slightly up for the night, but still not back in the groove…not one bit to be exact. Oh well…

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