Atrocious play and some interesting hands
Wednesday May 21st 2008, 2:30 am
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Despite the title I really played well today. The title is referring to some players I faced tonight and especially to their play on the bubble or slightly after it. Pretty sick how stupid some people are. The last SnG I played was especially atrocious near the end. First of all we’re down to four, bubble time. I’m the massive chipleader, one player is sitting pretty (half my stack), one is short and one is ultra short. Given that setup we can all cruise till the ultra-shorty is in the BB, which will be in 2 hands. The second in chips player has another idea. He calls my preflop raise OOP. Sure, I could be running over the table…BUT I’ve shown nothing but the nuts so far at this table and given the shorty situation, oh well…let’s see how the hand goes. By the way, I have KK here. Flop comes down Queen-high and he shoves after a few seconds of delibertion. I insta-call. Not surprisingly he shows AQo and is drawing slim. Nothing hits on the turn and river and he’s busto as the bubble-boy.

Due to the bustout the ultra-shorty is the BB in the very next hand. The blinds are 200/400, he’s got 568 chips. Button raises to 1200. I fold my SB. Now comes the next atrocious play which is even worse than the play before. BB folds! I’m still rolling on the floor laughing at that play. I mean come on ppl, how stupid can you be. You just squeezed into the money, you’ve got 568…400 in the BB + 50 ante which leaves you with 138 chips if you fold and you do just that? You gotta be kidding me. Next hand he’s auto-all-in and busts. Well done sir. A few hands later I bust the other guy and I win the thing.

Apart from that the play of the seven earlier SnGs is mostly a blurr. All I know is that people don’t understand turbo strategy, they don’t care, they don’t know better or they got a ultra-secret gameplan that I can’t understand. They play tighter than a nuns punany. So if you’ve got a table with such tight-cakes there are some outcomes which will see early bustouts (e.g. coolers) or you play 7-9 handed for a long time when the SnG is quickly turning into a crapshoot. Fine with me as I can steal and steal in the middle part of the SnG (after the first 2-3 levels). But sooner or later you will have to find a hand. It was pretty funny what kind of hands I found once it was time to push it. A real gem is in the second screenshot below. No doubt I’m a massive dog here, 99 vs KK, so this is no bad beat in the classic sense, it’s funny as hell though. First I’m bummed, then I’m bummed even more when we both flop sets. Once he turns the K for quads, I’m already giggling and saying to myself: wait, the case 9 should fall on the river just to rub it in…and sure enough it hits and I can’t stop laughing 😆

Abyway, to make a long story short, I still like my game these days, it seems to be spot on…the results show it mostly too…although I still feel I should have (lost less when I had a losing session/won a little bit instead and) won more when I had a winning session…but that’s just the way it goes, can’t help it if some of the crucial hands don’t go your way, it’s just like that in SnGs/MTTs…and so I pat myself on the back again for booking a nice winning session…enjoy the short pic dump, especially the second screenshot already mentioned…and i’m outta here…oh and before I forget it: I don’t know if I’ll play the Bodonkey in half an hour, I’m pretty knackered already…but if you like overlays, you should play!



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