Saturday June 07th 2008, 11:38 pm
Filed under: MTT,Omaha,PokerStars,Pot Limit

Played the four-card bingo named Saturdays with Dr. Pauly again…did pretty well dodging some coolers, made some hands…then lost my head in one hand…and all my chips in the process. Last hand before the break, folded around to me in the SB…i got Tc Ts 5s 9d. I raise it up to 3x (300)…Change100 calls in the BB…flop comes down 5d 7s 3s…so an overpair + a middling-flush draw. I lead out pot (600) and get raised to put me all-in. I pretty much insta-call without thinking about it. Change100 shows Th 8d 6h 4d for the flopped straight…turn and river brick me out and I’m gone.

Oh well, I guess I should have thought about it on the flop…then again…if the flush comes I’m chipleader of the whole thing…so I don’t feel too bad. GG and cya all next week or something…

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