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Sunday July 06th 2008, 1:03 am
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It’s been a while since I’ve been happy with the results of a poker-session. Tonight the long wait is finally over, finally won something again. Played a double-shootout to the Sunday Million (8,8$, 6max, 36 players; 1st = ticket). I think I was “destined” to win it. Why? Because I won the first table after 61 hands on a coin-flip (33 vs KQ), now don’t get me wrong, even if I lose that pot we’re back to even, so no worries about taking the flip…although I rarely won one when it matters recently…

The second table was starting out pretty rocky. Not surprising as 6th is bubble. So once we lost the first player play opened up a little. I sat back and waited for my chance, picking up some smaller pots along the way, c-betting after a preflop raise. Then I found pocket tens in LP and popped it. Setup: 3 players are about even (around 2.2k) including me, 2 are rather short (one less than 1k, one slightly above 1k). BB, one of the other big stacks, calls. Flops comes down ten-high with two diamonds. He checks. I lead at it with pot. He calls. Turn is an off-suit queen. He checks again. I bet pot again, commiting myself and putting him to a decision. He pushes over the top with around 250. I instacall. He shows Ad5d. Please no diamond! No diamond on the river and he’s crippled. I bust two players in the next two orbits and we’re down to three with one shorty. My opponent busts the shorty and we’re headsup.

Stab stab, jab jab. I think it was the fourth or fifth hand of hands up when I find KcQc on the button. I pop it, he calls. Flop comes down K-high with two spades. He checks, I bet, he calls. Turn offsuit 9. He checks, I bet, he pushes. Hmmm….I’m pretty much committed at that point and I think I have the best of it, call. He shows K9…f00k me, but at least I got outs with the board being KT89 – so any queen and jack…not much…but please baby, let me resuck one time. River Jack! Boooom! It seems sometimes there is justice in poker….so I’m up T$ 215 for that baby and out of here with a grin…

DS First table

DS Final result

I like T$

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