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Tuesday July 08th 2008, 1:22 am
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I really do like the double-shootouts these days. Played one tonight and what can I say….I win…another T$215 on a 8,8$ investment. I like! That’s 2 wins and 1 ITM out of the last 5 tries…heater? Could be…playing good…could be as well. No doubt about the fact that I was on a heater on the first table, which always helps…after all if you win the first table you can usually sit back and chill at the final table until the first player is knocked out and you’re ITM. So how was the heater at the first table? Pretty hot. Within the first 40 hands I had AA twice, KK twice, JJ twice, AK once and they all stood up. The only big pot was early on when my AK busted a player holding KTo on a K-high flop. With all the other hands I won small to moderate pots, still enough to keep me in the lead until it was three-handed. Then I went card-dead, surprise surprise, still managed to see some pots in position and finally bust my way to the W.

The final table is mostly a blurr. It took 97 hands (in contrast to the 69 of the first table) before I finally won it. The setup: I go into headsup down 2:1. I chip away and win a nice pot when my opponent obv missed his flush-draw. I win a few more small pots and suddenly I’m up 2:1. A few hands later we flip it QJo vs 77. Flop comes down KT2…I like that…any Q, J, A, 9…turn K…even more outs…any 9, T, J, Q, A…river 9 and I’m golden…T$ 215…ship it…boy I love it…so I’m outta here with a big fat grin on my face…gl at the tables everyone…

DS First table

DS Final result

I like T$

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