Switching gears
Friday July 11th 2008, 1:21 am
Filed under: Heads Up,No-Limit Hold'em,PokerStars,S&G

If my poker play had an actual gearbox, it would be smoking right now. I’ve never switch gears that fast and often in my life. Why did I do it? Because I played strictly headsup tonight and what throws the donks off more than switching gears, especially early? Nothing. Once the blinds get higher they’re so confused that they will make more questionable calls than ever and that strategy payed off tonight. Still didn’t finish with a perfect record, but honestly, even playing perfect doesn’t give you a 100%-win-rate, so I’ll take the 5 out of 7 every day and twice on sundays. Probably no poker for the next two days as I’m pretty busy offline…so don’t expect news from the donkfront until sunday…gl at the tables everyone…I’m outta here…

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