Headsup galore
Saturday July 12th 2008, 2:08 am
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I don’t know what it is, but I had to very different experiences in headsup play tonight and I’m not talking about matches here, I’m talking about levels. What’s working on one level (11$) isn’t worth a dime in the other one (6$). I got totally annihilated tonight in the 6$ ones. My donk opponents couldn’t fold second pair, no way to fold TPNK either…and don’t even get me started on overcards…hey I got two face cards call AWWWWWWWWW-in…totally ridonkulous. Now I would normally try to exploit that with value-bet after value-bet throwing in the occasional overbet and everything. It’s tough to do though if you don’t have a single premium hand in around 200 hands. Even harder if you can’t flop a pair, and if you do so it’s second best.

Oh well, the way it goes sometimes…finished an impressive 0-7 in 6$ headsup matches. So I decided to do the obvious…leak-time…lol….move up a level (the level I’m used to playing btw, so no big “ooooh” jump)…so I fire up some 11$ ones and yeah you guessed it, I annihilated the competition. My opponents (some of them real sharkscope-certified fish) were more than willing to pay off just about everything and once I pulled a string of hands together there was no stopping. So I took four donk-heads and logged off…4-0. So I’m slightly down for the night, thanks rake, under -2$ though…so I couldn’t be happier considering the bad run I had at the lower donk level. So, I’m outta here and I’ll probably won’t be back until sunday….tomorrow is a beer-football-tournament (that’s soccer for the americans). It’s called KoelschCup after the famous brew from cologne “Kölsch”. It’s a fun little private annual thing were new and old friends meet once a year to play a little footie and drink. The tourney is played two-on-two on a small field with small goals. It’s basically mandatory to get wasted….flat-rate time…the only thing that worries me a little is that

a) I’ve got to get up in less than 6 hours
b) The weather report predicted crappy, rainy weather for today

But oh well…it should be fun nontheless. After that I’m heading to a birthday party of a mate of mine…30 years…a big celebration…time to get even more wasted (if that’s even possible after the KoelschCup)…we’ll see….so I’ll probably have a little catching up on sleep on sunday…so probably nothing new to report on the pokerfront…maybe a little donkerama on sunday afternoon/evening…but not sure…anyway…enough babbling….time to catch a few hours of sleep….wish me luck and good luck at the tables everyone.

Oh…I almost forgot: A big shoutout to Iggy aka the blogfather aka the brogger midget…gg man, congrats on moneying the biggest donkament in the universe…the WSOP 2008 ME….well done!

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