Just a quick headsup session
Monday July 28th 2008, 12:47 am
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Not in the mood for an extended session today. Lack of sleep, hurting limbs…not the best precondition for a solid poker session. Couldn’t help myself though, so I played a mini-session. Three quick headsup matches to earn some more extra FPP on the last day of the 2x HU promotion. In the end I won 2 out of 3, really should have been 3 for 3, but oh well. The one match I lost was pretty brutal. My opponent was a solid losing player. Rated no yet a fish, but clearly on his way there. The only thing that kept me from winning this match was his luck, no joke. He managed to river me four times within the first ten hands for smaller pots. Finally we get it in on the flop for all the marbles. I flopped two pair…he an airball…pretty nice…until he runner-runners me. Oh well…I guess it’s a good thing for him that he wins the occasional match here and there, good? Yeah, because that way he keeps donating. Always look on the bright side…alrighty I’m out of here to catch some much needed sleep…gl at the tables everyone….

Gotta love it

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