Poker is cruel
Thursday July 31st 2008, 2:37 am
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On days like these I really gotta wonder why ppl keep coming back to the whore who’s name is poker. Good god. I feel like an elephant violated my rear end. It was that bad. I will spare you the details and screenshots as I don’t want to be responsible for you puking all over your keyboard. Let’s just sum it up by saying that I lost 9 out of 15 matches. If you go by the odds of the deciding hands I should have won 8 out of those 9. But odds don’t play and 1-4 outers were just as common as ppl putting in their money drawing almost dead (runner runner draw)…and yeah, they hit 90% of the time…pretty hawesome. I’m outta here…better luck than me at the tables everyone….


i’ve been playing a LOT of sngs lately and luck is a big factor when you get HU. HU matches might be very swingy IMO.

Comment by smokkee 07.31.08 @ 10:43 am


Yeah, they can be very swingy…and when it’s the “good swing” you feel unbeatable, but once the “bad swing” comes you feel like crap. What pisses me off most though is that I don’t even complain about the cooler SnGs (where there is one or more hand(s) which just play themselves and you have the coolered hand), I just complain about those where you play against a total dickwhit who calls all-in with J5o etc and sucks out on you, or the donkfish who calls all-in with third pair no kicker against your two pair and then runner-runners you.

The only thing that keeps me sane on such occasions is that I keep telling myself: “Good for them, keeps them in the game and keeps them donating.” – The problem is though, that they mostly donate to other players as I usually don’t see those donkfishes ever again….grrrr…….

Comment by Ingoal 07.31.08 @ 1:25 pm