Bad beat donkaments
Sunday August 24th 2008, 1:55 am
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Sometimes, it’s really weird how things turn out in those (sort of massive) online donkaments aka guaranteed mtts. I decided to switch it up a little today and abstained from playing SnGs tonight, instead I jumped into the 10k guaranteed on Stars. With a pretty low buyin of 15 + 1.5, it’s a real minefield, but hey….it got a pretty nice payout if you’re able to dodge bullets. I was able to do just that and I handed out my share of bad beats during the first hours (read: 2). One was me cracking KK with ATo on a ten high flop…rivered a ten, I had him covered…the other one was even nastier, I repopped a EP limper with Ac9c….all fold around to him…he insta-calls…oh well…what can he have…yeah….aces….I flopped two clubs and rivered the nuts….not bad. Heading into the first break I was down to 5k with a 7.xk average, not all that pretty, so I decided to come out aggressive after the break. So I open-shoved the first hand after the break and collected the blinds and antes. A few hands later I’m thinking that a shorty is stalling as we’re approaching the bubble. He takes forever…then I realize that it’s not him stalling after all as the “connecting” screen pops up….I rise and have a look at my router…the internet led is blank. Great, just the best time to have that happen…after all the blinds are high and I want action. No such luck for the next 10-15 minutes. So sick. Once I’m finally able to reconnect (after a few router-resets), I’m down to 4.xk with the blinds at 1 and 2k….great…I’m able to double up twice and then the deciding hand comes down. Setup: I’m in the BB with KK….guess what’s happening….

Shorty in MP pushes. Hmm…I’m not folding. Shorty+1 (big stack) pushes over the top. Folded around to me. Hmmm….I’m thinking “Well, there’s a good chance he’s only got Ax…am I willing to try to dodge the fourty aces in the deck?”….I think a little more, and I’m thinking “Well, if you fold Kings here, what happens if the shorty has the Ax and the big stack has a small pair or a rag ace too? No equity here…AWWWWWWWWWIN”. So I push all-in and see them flip up 33 (shorty) and AK (big stack)…my dreams of chipping up to 71+k is crushered as the flop comes down TA6…turn gives me a short glimpse of hope: Q…I’m yelling for a J or a K….but no such luck and I’m busto in 99th out of 1593….three outs got me…then again I cracked Kings and Aces early on…so I’m still up 2:1 in good:sick beats….

Summary: Played really well, had some luck – good and bad – had the worst luck – the almost 15 minute disconnect – had only 4 premium hands the whole way AA (no action), KK twice (no action; busto) and JJ…apart from that some small pair (e.g. 88 thrice doubling up early and twice before going busto)…even won a flip or two along the way…so not all that bad…I’m outta here…enjoy the pic dump (in chronological order) and gl at the tables…

cracking kings

set over set

AQ vs AJ vs AT

Winning a flip

First break

First break

First hand after the break


After disconnect

After disconnect

88 vs 66

88 vs KQ

KK vs AK vs 33

Exit in 99th

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