The home-game
Monday December 15th 2008, 12:55 am
Filed under: Casual Play,Live Play,No-Limit Hold'em

The place where funny things happen – let me tell you. Yesterday’s home game could be titled “home game out of the freezer”, a fitting title considering that it was like -5°C outside and the deck was frozen, too. I can honestly say that I’ve never, ever, seen such a string of coolers in a single home game evening. The only positive thing about it was that I wasn’t the only one on the bad end of the coolers.

In total we had the usual set over set, boat over boat and overpair vs overpair stuff (obv the 4:1 dog won), but the “funniest” hands were boat vs quads, boat vs bigger boat, trips vs trips outkicked by one notch, etc, etc…it was pretty brutal to say the least. In the first tourney we played, I was gigli+1. I think I played a total of 7 hands and lost 6 of them. Ouch. Things looked better in the second tourney which I ultimately took down (I went into headsup roughly 2:1 in chips and took it down on a suckout when my Ace deucy hit the deuce on the turn, after we say an ace high flop (opponent AK)). In the third tourney I was the bubble boy after losing a flip AK vs QQ. Oh well…in the end it was a fun evening with pizza, chat and lots of talk…I finished down less than ten bucks…so all good 🙂

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