Close but no cigar
Sunday April 05th 2009, 3:17 am
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Nope, still no return to online pohka…but there was a home game tonight. Wheeee. First the first bbq of the new year…yummy…then some good ole poker action. Eleven new and old donks saddled up and over 3 hours we were in the money (top three). I was sitting second in chips after coming to the final table with roughly 4BB. But still, the chipleader was a mile away. I put away player number three when he limped in the SB…I looked down at snowmen in the BB and it was an easy shove for me. He thought about it for a bit, but there was no real possibility there for him to fold, he was already commited with the limp and the huge blinds. So he called with K2o promptly flopping a king…the turn brought one of the remaining eights to leave him drawing dead – just to rub it in the dealer peeled off a King on the river giving me the boat to his three kings.

Headsup was a quick afair. Three hands in we got it all in the middle – the blinds were huge and I was at a 1:5 chip-deficit, so when my opponent shoved on the button I only had to look at one card…it was a King and I snap-called. My K9o wasn’t in that bad a shape, he showed A6o…and Ace on the flop was enough to hold me off so I took second place. Not bad the way I’ve been running recently (on- and offline)…so I’ll take it, a good evening with friends, nice bbq and some pohka…I like…alrighty…that’s all for now…I’m outta here, time to catch some sleep. Good luck at the tables…and cya next time…

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