Tuesday December 29th 2009, 1:47 am
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…that about sums it up. The last few days, my first vacation in ages, have been bleak poker-wise. Every time it looks like I can make a run at it…well…there’s the donkkick or whatnot. Really frustrating, even more so as I’m now on an ultra-short bankroll, so I’m really handcuffed…decision-time coming up soonish. Start another run with a refueled bankroll (I drained it a while back to buy some nice stuff like the 24″ screen and what-not and I couldn’t sustain much momentum after that…get your tinfoil-hats ready :p )…or continue to grind it out at the lowest limits…I don’t know yet what I’m going to do…either way, watch this spot and you’ll hear about it soon enough…

Until then I’m trying to get planning in motion for my first ever Vegas trip…we’ve been talking about it in my home game for ages, and I think it’s time that we either do it or we don’t (and I hit the road on my own)…let’s see if it’s going to happen…I’ll keep you posted…until then enjoy the random pic dump…I’m outta here…

random pic dump

random pic dump

random pic dump

random pic dump

random pic dump


Hey there, just got a question, though. It seems like there are a few all-in calls which I wouldn’t have made. Of course, I could be mistaken in not calling (I’m far from an expert player), but just thought I’d throw it out there to learn from your thought process.

Why call an all-in with A4-offsuit, or 7-T suited, for example? Was it an opponent-specific read? Or did stack sizes play a part in the decision? Or something else? Again, I want to stress that I rarely play tournaments, so this is meant as an honest question to learn, not as a critqiue.

Also, in an unrelated topic, what software do you use for your screenshots?

Comment by Derrick Kwa 12.30.09 @ 11:51 am


Hi there Derrick and thanks for stopping by. Discussion about poker (plays) is always welcome here, so I’ll get right to it.

You always gotta have different infos in mind, which aren’t always present in the screenshots, the following come to mind:

1. Blind level
2. Blind level length
3. Stack size
4. Position
5. Info on the other player(s)
6. Who called all-in? (99% of the time it’s not me ;-))
etc etc

Consider that recently all I was playing were turbo tournaments (5min blind level, 1500 starting stack)…

…so let’s have a look at the A4 hand: 9 handed tourney, 1500 starting stack, turbo (5min levels), chips in play total 13500…Effective starting stacks are 8475 (me) and 5125 (opponent). Blinds are 200/400 with a 25 ante. Preflop I raise it to 1200 (3BB) he flat calls. Flop comes all hearts as seen in the screenshot. He checks, I push all-in…it’s likely he missed the flop and even if he caught a king, I can hit any ace or heart. He instacalls with air…then goes ahead and runner runners me…I think my play is pretty standard…and he made a loose-call getting lucky.

Let’s have a look at the T7 hand: We’re at the final table of a 4player HU tourney, we both won our first match, so the starting stacks are 3k. At this point we’re at 100/200 blinds. I raise the button to 600. He calls. Flops come 8T3. He min-bets 200…a play he showed a few times earlier…my read on him was “I have hit a pair, but nothing better”…question is what pair. I flat call, pot is now 1600. Remaining stacks 3275 (me), 1125 (opponent). The turn comes a King. Not the best card in the deck, but def a scare card. So after he checks I push it in – true, if he has a KT, K3, K8 i’m pretty much done, but if he doesn’t have a king, he’s got a tough call to make as I could have a king, two pair or a pair with a flush-draw. Obviously he still instacalls with second pair no kicker…the river comes the case ten and I’m outkicked…

So IMO both were pretty much standard plays, considering the stacksizes and blind level (more so in the first hand than in the second one)…opinions?

As for the screenshots…I don’t use any special software just focus on the window you want to snapshot (click into it when you’re playing more than one), then hit the keys Alt+Print and Paste the screenshot into a picture editing software of your choice (e.g. Windows Paint – open it, Ctrl+V, save the pic)…

Comment by Ingoal 12.30.09 @ 5:05 pm


Cool, yeah, definitely agree. Screenshots only show a very limited portion of the hand, so it’s hard to make any sort of judgement off a screenshot (which is why I asked, actually).

Given the details of how the hands were played, I can completely understand it. Can’t say I would have played it any differently. =). Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

Comment by Derrick Kwa 01.01.10 @ 10:14 am