Pokerstars can kiss my ass, too
Friday January 29th 2010, 1:11 am
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Fucking cunts. What a lovely way to start off a post, get it out of your system. Yes! After today’s FTP disaster I went back old school on Stars playing one turbo DS to the sunday million (11.7$) and one shorthanded DS to the sunday million (8.8$). What happens in both, I get donkkicked.

Situation one: We started out with a table of nine. After around 90hands, we’re down to three and I’m the chipleader. Wheeee. Then the shorty (2.8k with 300/600 blinds) goes all-in from the button. I look down at 77 in the BB and after the SB folds I instacall. He shows 67 s0000ted. Flop gives him a straight draw which completes on the turn leaving me with 3 outs to a fucking chop (6). Of course the river bricks and the donktard doubles up and I’m left with around 2.4k instead of being headsup with a 7 to 5 chip lead. Fast forward to my next BB. I look at AQ s0000ted. SB shoves I instacall. He shows KQo (see below). K on the turn and I’m busto. Thumbs up stars, you’ve monkeyfucked me in a crucial pot for the 1 trillionth time.

As you see, 3 outs are gold. Weird though that everytime I find myself in a 3 outer spot, well, let’s just say I hit it about average. My opponents though hit a grand-slam homerun every single time it’s a crucial pot. How come?

In the 6 max one, I’m at the final table. About five hands in, a trend is forming. One player keeps overshoving the pot. I guess it’s part of his/her strategy as 6th place pays 0, so chances are slim someone is calling without the nuts. Wrong. Once the donktard shoves from the SB over my button raise, I basically instacall with my nines. AQ s0000000ted is my opponent. Flop flush draw…turn blank…river ace…cya. Nice! Now, losing a flip shouldn’t throw me over the edge and after that flop it would have been foolish to believe my hand could ever hope up, but still I’m fed up with this shit. Everytime I flip for a small amount in a dumb pot, I win. Everytime I flip for a crucial pot, I lose. Believe me, this is probably just the tilted analysis, but I’m going to check all my stats in PT3 for sure and I’m willing to lay 2:1 that my 50% looks more like 30% over all the hands I’ve played….(chips/money wise, not win/lose)…I’ll get back to you about that…anyway…I’m outta here…

Mood: Steam-tilt; thinking about quitting online poker for good – just one of these days, I guess…

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random pic dump

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