Sometimes it doesn’t matter…
Sunday February 07th 2010, 1:09 am
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…you can play practically every hand perfectly…and you still get kicked in the junk, the joy of poker and the source of the constant influx of fish…the chance that you’ll get lucky.

Tonight was pretty brutal, so I quit after 8 6max-SnGs. I ran into some coolers, lost all flips for all the marbles (2, KQs vs 22 and KTs vs 55) and I got kicked badly in some others. In the end I managed to win 1…that’s it. Pretty fugly.

Tonight, I’ve got four screenshots for you:
#1: We’re on the bubble and I openshove with QQ, get called by A7 s00000000000ted….of course 3 outs are 100% to win

#2: Cutoff limps in, button folds, small blind fills up, I knuckle the virtual felt with 44. Flop comes down 6T4…SB checks, I check, cutoff bets half the pot, SB folds, I call. Turn is a King. I’m hoping that my opponent got AK. I knuckle the virtual felt again, this time my opponent bets pot. I paused for 2ms telling myself that if he indeed has KK (or 66 or TT for that matter) then he got my money. Instead he shows AA…river A.

#3: Folded around to the button…he openshoves for 3.5BB (or whatever)…I insta-reshove AT…of couse he flops the world+1 and I’m left with 8BB…

#4: We’re once again on the bubble, button raises to 3x…SB folds, I instashove with AJ, button instacalls with A3 s00000000000ted….of course the 3 outs are golden and I’m busto…

Love it, just love it…enjoy the pics to said hands and the fugly pt graph to top thing off….I’m outta here…

random pic dump

random pic dump

random pic dump

random pic dump

pt graph for 06.02.2010

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