Still running g00t
Saturday March 06th 2010, 2:13 am
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Hehe…bored, so what do you do? Right, reload at FTP to hook yourself up to the Rush-Crack-Machine…who could pass a 100$ bonus offer? Hehe…

Dumped a few bucks making stupid moves, the biggest money drains were the usual hands though:

1. Pop it from the hijack with AsKs…get repopped, shove..instacall by Ah Kh…the rest is the usual

AK vs AK

2. Call a raise in the BB with 77, shorty comes along in MP. Flop 8T6 all spades. Check, check, small bet. Call by me, shorty calls all-in short. Turn 9c. Straight baby. Check, small bet, min-raise, call. River 9s. Yikes. Check, ultra-small bet, donk call. Of course he rivered a boat.

river rat

3. Pop it from the hijack with AJs000000ted. Flat call from the button – hmm. Flop AJ6 all hearts though. Don’t care, bet pot, repop, shove, instacall by AcKc. Noice. Turn 6…river K…fuck me…

river rat

4. Pop it from UTG with QQ, small repop BB, call. Flop 688 bet, shove…ponder ponder…if you got me you got me – of course he got me, what was I thinking? lol

QQ vs AA

The new found ev tells me that I deserved to lose a little, but it also shows that I’ve been running nicely under ev…surprised? Not really. Anyway..not really pissed off, just tired and outta here…

pt graph 05.03.2010

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