…and he’s back….
Monday June 13th 2011, 6:28 pm
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It’s been a while and the recap of this year’s play is still pending. For the time being, “inspired” by the WSOP, I redeposited a little something on PS and started playing a little.

My “plan” for this “comeback”:

1. Don’t sweat it
2. Just play small stakes when I feel like it
3. Play good

…let’s see how that “plan” works out…

First two sessions in the books and I think I played good (and was on the good side of a few coolers)…special thanks to one opponent who had about the same chance at winning against me as a snowball in hell…he just came back and melted again and again…loved it… :mrgreen:

nice first hand
pt3 for todays session

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