Not a nice end to the night
Saturday June 18th 2011, 10:31 pm
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Played a little today, played good…disappointing end when I got kicked in the junk in the final two sngs of the night…one I get it in with AQ vs AJ preflop and get kicked in the junk – so instead of having 6k of the 9k in play, I’m busto…in the other one I get it in four ways with AK preflop against…errm some “random hands”…and instead of having 17k (2nd in chips), I’m down to 4k and out the next hand…oh well…at least my HU SnGs kept me in the black for the session…so I can’t feel all that bad…I’m outtah here…

so fulgy
so fulgy
so fulgy


no idea how you get all in on that first hand… seems like a REALLY bad spot for you to try and get all in. Second one is kinda screwy too but I can see you jamming and getting called or something.. lol.

Comment by sirfwalgman 06.20.11 @ 8:29 pm