Tilt spew
Tuesday May 01st 2012, 3:07 pm
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Today was one of those days. The last few days I’ve been playing a little and I was careful to “stick to the game plan” and it worked, doubling my roll.

Today, it was a whole different story. I took some nasty beats and after the first few I really started to tilt. The cardinal error here, was that I couldn’t and didn’t stop playing immediately. Instead of that, I sat there and tilted off some more…and when the final bad beat came (AA vs QQ allin preflop…of course river queen), I just couldn’t take it any longer and tilted of the rest of my roll.

So once more, I’m busto…and feel sick sick sick sick sick about it. I just don’t get it, beats are part of the game, but sometimes it’s just too much to take. Oh well…I’m outta here to cool off a little, it’s a bank holiday today and beautiful weather..I guess I should have stayed outside instead of playing this stupid game…but too late for that..enjoy the pic dump – I’ll spare you all the runner runner goodness and stuff..instead of that I’ll just post the last beat and the graph for today…I should have stopped at hand 300…lol…cya…



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