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Dead Man’s Hand: Holding two pair of aces and eights. Legendary lawman and gambler Wild Bill Hickok was shot to death while holding this hand.

Dead Money: An inexperienced player who has virtually no shot at winning a tournament. Their chips are said to be “dead money.”

Dealer: The Dealer is the person who deals the cards in a card game. In Hold’em the player in the dealer position is the last person to act. Because of this he has an information advantage, because he knows what all other players will do before he has to act. In online and casino poker games there is a dealer button which marks the player who acts as the dealer, since the real card dealer does not participate in the game. In home poker games the dealer often participates in the game.

Deep Stacked: To play with a large stack of chips in relation to the blinds.

Dime: slang for 1.000$

Dog: short version of underdog.

Dolly Parton: Starting hand of 9-5

Donkey: derogatory for a bad player

Double Up: To double the size of your chip stack on a single hand. (This is typically done by going All In against another player and winning the hand.)

Doyle Brunson: Starting hand of 10-2, an homage to the legendary player Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson who won two WSOP championships with this hand.

Draw: Drawing means hoping to improve your hand with the cards that will come on the board, i.e. if you’re hoping to catch an Ace while holding 10-J with a board of Q-K-x.

Drawing dead: Drawing to a hand that will lose even if you hit your draw. For example, if you have a flush draw but your opponent already has a full house, you are drawing dead.

Drop: other term for folding a hand.

Drop the hammer: To show the legendary blogger hand of 7-2o either at showdown or after bluffing another player out of the pot.
Ducks: also known as deuces, pocket pair of 2s.

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