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Bad Beat: A bad beat is a loss in which the player had the better odds on the winning player earlier in the hand. Examples: you move all in after the flop, your hole cards are 8c-9c, the flop is 10c-Jc-Qc (you’re holding a straight flush), too bad that your opponent is holding Ac-Kc (royal flush); you’re holding A-A, your opponent holds K-K, the board is A-9-10-K-K, you hold Aces full of Kings, your opponent holds Four of a Kind Kings. Sidenote: every online players knows at least one bad beat story.

Bad Beat Jackpot: Some online and real casinos offer (progressive) bad beat jackpots or other rewards (wheelspins, etc). Everytime you suffer a bad beat (usually holding Four of a Kind Jacks or better) you get a money reward or similiar.

Big Blind: also known as BB or Big Bet. The larger of the two forced bets preflop. The person in second position posts the big blind, which is equivalent to a small bet.

Belly Buster: also known as gutshot or inside straight draw. You’re missing an inside card to a straight (i.e. hole cards 6-7, board 8-10-x-x-x – you’re missing a 9 to complete your straight).

Big Chick: Hole cards A-Q

Big Slick: Hole cards A-K

Blackjack: Hole cards A-J

Blank: A card that doesn’t helo your hand of no hand still in the pot at all (i.e. you hold A-K, flop: A-K-7, turn: 2 – this 2 would be considered a blank).

Blinds: These are the forced bets. The person to the left of the dealer must pay the small blind and the person after him must pay the big blind.

Bluff: To bluff (at a pot) means to make a bet that you hope is not called by your opponents. The aim of a bluff is to win a pot because everyone else folds although they’re probably holding a better hand than you do.

Board Cards: The flop, turn and river on the table. Also known as the community cards.

Boat: also known as full boat or full house (3 of a kind + two of a kind, i.e. A-A-A-K-K).

Bottom Pair: The lowest pair consisting of the lowest card of the flop and one of your hole cards.

Brick and Mortar: This refers to a real life casino opposed to online casinos.

Broadway: The best possible straight (ten to Ace).

Brothers: Starting hand of J-J. Also know as hooks.

Bubble: The bubble refers to the placings in a tournament that are close to winning prize money but do not receive any money, i.e. if 18 places are paid and you’re busting out around the 19th place then you busted out on the bubble.

Buckets: Starting hand of 4-4.

Bullets: see American Airlines

Button: A little hockey puck identifying the dealer. Except in the preflop round, the player who is on the button acts last in a round of betting.

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